What We Brought To Lagos

As is our tradition, and as enshrined in our charter, The Lagos All Sail (LAS) conceptualizes, creates and executes water sports projects wherever our great state of aquatic splendor has a body of water large enough for our watercrafts.

We therefore proudly announce that Lagos once again is ready to have us create another spectacle, using the wide expanse of its vast natural resource to launch the second edition of The LAS Racing Championship; a unique blend of tourism, sports, adventure and youth empowerment.

This edition of our grand event that is slowly weaving itself into the socio-cultural calendar of Lagos will be debut a celebrity endorsed racing competition. Canoe paddling teams representing all local government areas in Lagos would compete in the brand and insignia of notable celebrities who would also act as their patron and inspiration.

Top sailing enthusiasts will also be present for the boat show and race against each other in another category that allows for heavier watercrafts. The competition is also extended to individuals/state representatives or teams from across other aquatic privilege states the country.