The Event's


The are multiple economic and social-cultural benefits that can be derived from staging an event as we propose. Apart from stimulating healthy competition amongst participants who would be provided the platform to showcase their talents, the LAS is guaranteed to be a yearly crowd puller on the strength of its huge charity, employment, goodwill and tourism potentials.

We foresee a Lagos and Nigeria of the future being the foremost destinations for water sport In the next decade or so, drawing thousands of visitors within and outside the country for what would be periodic ritual of fun, entertainment, enterprises and empowerment.

The Lagos All Sail Event will bring about the following as well:

  • Creation of employment and promoting aquatic commercial activities
  • Promoting healthy waterways and safe water transportation
  • Promoting tourism
  • Introducing modern water sports culture
  • Generating support for charity (10% of our proceeds)

The Lagos All Sail water racing championship already have guarantees from the Youth and Sports Ministry through the Nigeria Rowing, Canoe and Sailing Federation  (NRCSF) as well as the Nigeria Red Cross.

The Nigerian Navy Diving Corps have also been contacted to provide cover for the  event, just as a comprehensive insurance package has already been arranged for the participants.